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“MCA Membership Benefits"
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MCA Has Three Membership Benefit Levels:
The added benefits of the Total Security Membership level far out weigh the small added cost!

Security Plus
Total Security

Choose the Benefit Level 
That's Right For You!
With Your Paid Enrollment

This is a summary of services, please see service contract for exact details.

These Product are not available to North Dakota Residents.
*In NY coverage is for service provided through our dispatch center only.
**This benefit is not available in NY.
***Bond benefits are not available in CA and NY.
****In NY benefit pays directly to our Provider Attorney for services up to the limit specified.
~* Some exemptions on extremely dangerous activities and occupations
MCA Income Opportunity: FREE!  
We highly recommend the Total Security level benefits.

The value of the added benefits of this level far out weigh the minimal added cost.

But, It's important you know all of the levels available, so we have outlined them here:

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or Savings
No Pre-Paid Cards please
Member Benefits

Total Security
Peace of Mind

At Work - At Home - At Play!

Motor Club of America 
is a well established and
profitable Company with
over 7 million members
  in business since 1926. 

MCA has put together three amazing new benefit plans that offer superior benefit levels to serve the needs of their members. 

Since their inception in 1926, MCA has been providing their members with the finest products and services available in the motor club industry, specifically to truck drivers. 

In October of 2011, with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Motor Club of America's Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to also work for the every day driver.
“Welcome to MCA"
You deserve Peace of Mind
Must submit beneficiary form to activate benefit
Towing up to 100 miles - sign & go
You deserve Peace of Mind
“Welcome to MCA"
Lindy Sweeny
MCA Associate
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